Company Overview

Bonvera is a business for the masses: everyday products and services that the marketplace wants and needs, delivered to front doors across America. An Independent Community Advisory Association directs Bonvera’s business activity. It is an association made up of people from the community, elected by the community, to guide the company into the future.

Bonvera gives you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, leveraging systems and distribution to create an income based on your effort, your will to succeed. Expect a level playing field rewarding courage and perseverance in a marketplace hungry for innovation and convenience.

Bonvera was designed for you. Here’s to success that will reward your work ethic.

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Bonvera's Own Super Brand

Bonvera created a private label collection of healthful products, uniquely our own and made just for you. From Phyzix energy drinks to Luebella revitalizing skin care to Phyzix MD health supplements, Bonvera products compete and win against name brand competitors found in supermarkets and drug stores.

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The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Bonvera taps into the magic of online shopping – it’s at-home ordering and prompt front-door delivery – with a fast-growing assortment of familiar brands in household goods, packaged groceries, hygiene and personal care products. These are the essentials your customers need day after day. And then, winning loyalty and trust from associates and customers alike, comes Bonvera’s promise to share profits.

It’s really that simple.

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We are men and women who agree on the basics: taking care of yourself, your family, and your friends.

We can help you become the owner of a successful business that will benefit both your customers and your community. We place a premium on everyday products that promote good health. We believe that social shopping represents the future, and we want you to participate in this massive shift in commerce.

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