Giving back is good for your health.

Bonvera is partnering with I Was Hungry bringing health to the US, and hope to Zimbabwe through Kutano. Kutano has harnessed the nutritional power of moringa, a superfood grown in Africa referred to as the "miracle tree" for its exceptional health benefits. It's one of nature's best-kept-secrets. Our goal is to provide you the best moringa in the world, while also providing farmers in Zimbabwe with a real solution to poverty through sustainable agriculture practices.

Your purchase supports I Was Hungry training in Zimbabwe that empowers the poor to grow enough food to feed their families annually, sell surplus to make a profit to cover next year's seed and living expenses. This also enables them to give generously to others.

Kutano is a hybrid of the native Zimbabwean words for "health" and "growth". By partnering with I Was Hungry, a partnership of Crown and Foundations for Farming, Bonvera is bringing health and growth to our customers through moringa.

One of nature's best-kept-secrets.

In recent news, a new superfood has arrived on the scene and taken the world by storm. It's called moringa, and it's appearing everywhere in the health and wellness industry in products like health products, beauty products, and even cleaning products. It's one of nature's best-kept-secrets used for centuries in South East Asia for it's medicinal and health qualities.

Check out this video to learn more about the extraordinary health benefits and superfood powers of moringa.

Superfood powers.

Moringa is a power-packed superfood. In one serving of moringa, you get maximum nutritional benefits.

7x the vitamin C of oranges

3x the iron of spinach

2x the protein of yogurt

4x the calcium of milk

3x the potassium of bananas

4x the vitamin A of carrots

Daily Nourishment

Meal Replacement Shake

Want to get healthier and shed a few pounds? Want to gain back energy and feel confident in your own skin?

Daily Nourishment is an excellent meal replacement shake. Complete with 20g of protein and only 180 calories, this shake has B-vitamins, is gluten free, and is a great pre-probiotic.


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Memory & Focus

Supplement capsules for increased brain power & concentration

Losing focus & concentration? Forgetting things all the time? Need a little extra brain power?

Memory & Focus is an excellent supplement taken by mouth in capsule form for mental sharpness, increased focus, and extra brainpower to keep you alert and aware.


With 60 capsules, Memory & Focus contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Calcium to help you focus and keep your memory sharp.

Make an impact.

Bonvera is providing a marketplace for African farmers to sell moringa in the US. Moringa is bought at fair trade prices. 100% of moringa comes from our partnership with Crown Financial Ministries and the farmers in Africa. On top of that a percentage of these profits from moringa sales go back to Crown and the training centers in Africa to continue to educate farmers and their families.

Your purchase supports I Was Hungry training in Zimbabwe that empowers the poor to grow enough food to:

Feed their family annually

Sell surplus to make a profit to cover next year's seed and living expenses

Give generously to others

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